Join CSC with the "EGG Hunting" game

To celebrate Easter, CSC will introduce the community to a fascinating egg hunting game. All users who completed the egg hunting game following the required steps will have a chance to win CET rewards and mysterious NFTs.

Reward Pool:
2,000 CET
25 ByteBlock NFT
15 CSC Frog NFT


00:00 April 17 - 00:00 April 20 (UTC)

How to participate:

1 Click on CSC Ecological Application, and find a project name that contains any of the three letters that make up “EGG”;

2 Check out such projects, and work out a blessing sentence that consists of CSC and the project name;

3 Join CSC’s Telegram Group, subscribe CSC Announcement, and comment with the blessing sentence;

4 Follow CSC’s Twitter Account, comment & retweet the event post with the blessing, and @ three friends;

  1. Join CSC’s Discord Group, and send the blessing in #General Chat# section.

Winner selection:

  1. The top 15 Twitter comments with the most likes will be rewarded with 50 CET and 1 CSC Frog NFT

  2. 15 lucky users from the comments of CSC Telegram News Channel will be randomly selected as winners, and each will be rewarded with 50 CET and 1 Byteblock NFT.

  3. 10 lucky users in discord will be randomly selected as winners and rewarded with and 1 Byteblock NFT.

Distribution of Rewards:

The rewards will be distributed within 10 business days after the event ended.

Privileges for holders of NFT:

CSC Frog NFTs are NFTs based on frog images, with a total supply of 5,000. Each frog comes with its own attributes and rarity. Holders may stake frogs for token rewards.

Website: CSC FROGS

ByteBlock NFT is an NFT series released by the ByteBlock team that can be freely traded in its Marketplace.

Website: ByteBlock

Other userful information:

How to add CSC in Metamask step by step:

Video link: csc into metamask #csc #coinex - YouTube

Configuration of the CSC mainnet:


chainID: 52

symbol: CET

explorer: CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC) Explorer

CSC official website: Born For Open Finance

CSC explorer: CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC) Explorer

CSC cross-chain bridge: CoinEx Smart Chain(CSC)Bridge