Overview of the past five years of CoinEx

2018 witnesses the launch of public chains of Binance, Huobi, and OKEx, three top exchanges in the industry, as a response to the scalability issue and excessive gas fees that have long plagued Ethereum. In 2020, ambitious top exchanges, represented by Binance Smart Chain (BNB) and Heco (HT), have entered the market, pushing the competition of public chains to a climax.

DeFi has embraced both opportunities and challenges in 2021. The crackdown on crypto mining in China since June 22 has led to a nosedive in hashrates across the network, making many leading mining pools suffer. ViaBTC Pool among the top has kept its hashrates stable, and even rushed to the first spot on June 22. On June 30, CoinEx Exchange, also under ViaBTC, launched the CSC mainnet, making its inroad into the battle of public chains. Behind such great momentum is CoinEx’s sound and comprehensive ecosystem.

In May 2016, ViaBTC Pool was established;
In October 2016, ViaBTC Pool ranked 5th in the world in hashrate;
In April 2017, ViaBTC received strategic investment from Bitmain;
In May 2017, ViaBTC self-developed the world’s first 10,000 TPS matching engine;
In August 2017, CoinEx was the first to support BCH transactions;
In January 2018, CoinEx launched the platform token CET;
In July 2018, CoinEx topped the trading volume list of global exchanges;
In May 2019, ViaWallet was launched;
In September 2019, it became one of the management platforms with the most extensive product layout in the world;
In November 2019, CoinEx Chain, the world’s first high-performance dedicated public chain, was established;
In January 2020, CoinEx launched the Global Ambassador Program;
In May 2020, with the corporate strategic upgrade, ViaBTC Group was officially established, covering the whole industrial ecosystem, i.e. the mining pool, wallet, exchange, and public chain;
In March 2021, CoinEx implemented a global expansion strategy and expanded the market in 15 language regions around the world;
In May 2021, the CoinEx Smart Chain testnet went live.

We are the practicer of blockchain industry!
Established in the infancy of the blockchain, ViaBTC has never ceased its development for the past five years.

What underpins CoinEx for the past five years of development

ViaBTC Group and ViaBTC Pool were established in May 2016, and CoinEx was founded the next December. Since then, CoinEx has started its international strategic layout for building a comprehensive ecosystem: it launched the platform token CET in 2018, ViaWallet in 2019, and CSC in 2021. CoinEx has been constantly rolling out diversified products to supplement the product line.

CoinEx has entrenched itself at every step for the past five years, and has always adhered to the bottom line of “good products and security”. From the basic spot trading, perpetual trading, and margin trading to the CSC mainnet, a complete product line has laid a solid foundation for the CSC ecosystem. To make products more secure, CoinEx continuously upgrades the security of the system, operation and maintenance and the wallet, all of which prove to be an all-around guarantee for the stability and security of CSC.

CSC continues its differentiated competition strategy and creates a high-efficiency and low-cost public chain ecosystem

After CSC goes live, CoinEx will follow the differentiated competition strategy, which it has adhered to for the five past years, mainly in security, products and interactive experience.

Haipo Yang, founder of CoinEx, once made it clear that security is always the most important guarantee for CoinEx. CoinEx Exchange is one of the few exchanges with zero hacking incidents in the industry. With the support of such a secure exchange, CSC can have its users rest assured.

e habits and demands of users all over the world. Living up to CoinEx’s long-lasting tenet of “being friends with users”, CSC combines the PoS consensus mechanism and PoA for block generation, both of which are friendly to developers and users. By doing so, it generates blocks efficiently at a lower transaction cost, and also provides users with a stable, secure smart chain ecosystem without compromising decentralization.

CoinEx always focuses on aesthetics, simplicity, smoothness, and practicality in its design of the interactive experience, and CSC also features an easy-to-use yet versatile operation experience.

The launch of the CSC mainnet is undoubtedly a milestone in CoinEx’s ecosystem construction

Committed to a differentiated competition strategy, CSC is more friendly to developers, fast in operation, and low in cost, realizing the collaboration of CeFi and DeFi. CSC is fully compatible with not only the EVM but also smart contracts on the Ethereum (ETH), Binance Smart Chain (BNB), and HECO (HT), which greatly lowers the threshold for DApps developers. The compatibility with the EVM guarantees that with the Ethereum ecosystem to the largest extent, which draws developers and overspill funds from Ethereum to support CoinEx’s DeFi ecosystem.

CoinEx has also set up a $100 million support fund to draw DeFi project teams and developers on CSC to join the construction of its DeFi ecosystem. With awards of up to $100,000 for promising DeFi projects, it encourages new developers to apply for the support fund and further to help build infrastructure on CSC and improve its ecosystem.

Supported by the strong and secure CoinEx ecosystem and its large user base, CSC will soon accumulate a large number of seed users.