Referendum on the Community Proposal — Support Program Initiated by CoinEx Chain Foundation

Dear users:

In order to promote community construction, CoinEx Chain Foundation has initiated a proposal — Support Program on community governance at 4:00 (UTC) on Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Overview of the Support Program

(1) Application Standard: Any validators, institutions, and individuals who have contributed to the CoinEx Chain ecosystem can apply for the support program every quarter.

(2) Application Support Categories: Product R&D ( such as APP, wallet, explorer, etc. ); Community (Group) Construction; Content Publicity

(3) Award Levels and Amounts

Product R&D/Community(Group) construction/Content publicity: Gold (1 winner) — 300,000 CET

Product R&D/Community(Group) construction/Content publicity: Silver (2 winners) — 200,000 CET

Product R&D/Community(Group) construction/Content publicity: Bronze (3 winners) — 100,000 CET

2. Participants:

Only the validators or users who’ve staked on the CoinEx Chain possess voting power.

3. Voting Period:

4:00 (UTC+8) Dec 23, 2019 — 4:00 (UTC+8) Dec 31, 2019

4. Where & How to vote

  1. Go to, import your wallet, and click on [Community];

  2. Choose the proposal of [CoinEx Chain Foundation Support Program], and click on [Vote];

  3. Then you will enter the page where you’ ll have multiple options: Yes, abstain, No and No with Veto. Hit [Submit vote] to confirm your option

5. Proposal Result

The proposal will only be deemed effective when the approval rate exceeds 50% by the deadline.

For any question or concern that arises during the application process, please send it here, we will have someone to respond to your questions.

CoinEx Chain reserves the final interpretation of this announcement

CoinEx Chain Foundation
Dec 23, 2019

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