Join in the Construction of CoinEx Chain! Fill in the Questionnaire and Get the Highest Reward of 1000 CET

Dear user,

The CoinEx Chain Foundation commits itself to communicating with the community and listening to the voice from it, and continuously optimizes its products to provide users with the ultimate product experience. The Foundation will launch an event where users can fill in the questionnaire and get a maximum of 1000 CET.

Event time

4:00, June 15, 2020 (UTC) - 4:00, June 17, 2020 (UTC)

Event rules and rewards

  1. Basic reward: 10 valid questionnaires will be randomly selected from all the questionnaires filled, and the submitters will be rewarded 500 CET each.

  2. Reward for outstanding contribution: 3 users who have made outstanding contribution to the community by offering constructive comments in the questionnaire will be selected and rewarded 1000 CET each.

Questionnaire link

Click to fill out the questionnaire.

Event description

  1. The event reward will be distributed to winning users’ CoinEx Chain addresses within 5 working days after the event ends and the winning list is announced. Please be sure to fill in the correct address in the questionnaire to avoid errors in reward distribution;

  2. Cheating and cheating in all forms are prohibited. Once found, the user will be disqualified from the event;

  3. CoinEx Chain reserves the final interpretation of this event.

CoinEx Chain Foundation

June 15, 2020