General Questions a New Comer

Hi there

Please bare with me since I am new to this Trading,

I am attaching a screen shot of my Navigation Bar File Name"MyNavgationBar" As you can see I do not have any link named “Wallet” in it, All I have is link named Assets (A ComboBox) on which I chose the assets and the above pictures is the result of it.

Off Course in that page by name of “Assets”, as I scroll down I can see Links Of DepositsandWithdrawal and Trade,

  • Are these the Links That I need to use in order to Deposit, Withdrawal, and Trade ?
  • And Since I want Buy BTC as I use the deposit link in this page I get the following Addressee “15iZkpJR6kfbKDVPXfTzCYe6ScrJXugcar”
  • Is this the address, That I need to give to my Local Exchange Office in order to Deposit BTC for me to my CoinEx Account?
  • And after I made the deposit then, Can I For example use the Trade Link in my account of CoinEx To Trade my BTC To EGT, and Finally the ETH Address of my Personal Wallet in order to Withdrawal from CoinEx To my Wallet ?

The Last thing is If I keep my Tokens And/or Coins in CoinEx, do I get dividends for it?
How safe is it to keep my Tokens/Coins in CoinEx? Would I be able to Hold my private keys for it?

Please verify these for me.

What caused the confusion on my part is the Help/Tutorial Pictures that are all over the Net and show that My navigation Bar should look like the attached Picture “CoinExNavigationBar” As you can see they actually have a Link Named “Wallet”, which I do not have it in mine

Best Regards


This channel is for CoinEx Chain.

For your questions, I’d suggest to submit a support ticket in