Customize Your Exclusive Token!CoinEx DEX’s Millions of CET Subsidies are Waiting for You!

Event time:
April 10-April 30

Event rules:
During the event, issue your own tokens on CoinEx DEX and create a “[Token Name] / CET” trading pair in the Normal Market. Official will use not less than 150 CET to purchase the tokens created by the user.
P.S. The minimum fee for users to issue tokens is as low as 50 CET; the fee for creating transaction pairs is as low as 100 CET, official will subsidizes the issuance cost through repurchase.

Participation methods:

  1. Register and activate your DEX wallet;
  2. Issue a Token
  3. Create a “[Token Name] / CET” trading pair in the Normal Market
  4. Sell pending orders on DEX
  5. Official will use 150 CET repurchase for eligible tokens at a uniform time every week

Steps of event:
Step 1: Log in to , register and activate your DEX wallet (P.S.You need to transfer at least 1 CET to your account for activation)

Step 2: Select “Tokens” and issue a token (The issuance fee is as low as 50 CET)

Step 3: Click “Create Trading Pair” in “Token Management”, select “Normal Market” as Trading Pair Type, and select “CET” as Pricing Coin

Step 4: Enter the “My Tokens” details, click on the trading pair market you created, you can enter the DEX trading and select “Sell” for pending order transactions

Step 5: After completing the above steps, Please click on the link fill your relevant information

Note: 1. Each DEX address is entitled to only one subsidy; 2. CoinEx Chain reserves all the right for the final explanation.

During the event, if you have any questions, please join our official group in Telegram ( )


您好,目前在CoinEx DEX发行Token可以参与到我们的百万补贴活动中,同时您也可以对您自己的发行的token进行相关运营。我们后续将会推出更多相关活动,请保持关注~

关于购买CET, 您可以进入CoinEx交易页面(,使用BCH/BTC/USDT等数字货币购买CET。

CoinEx Chain团队

请问CoinEx DEX发行令牌可以转到imtoken钱包吗?是基于以太坊上的代币吗,或者是其他公链的代币

您好,目前CoinEx DEX不支持将发行Token转到IMtoken钱包,这个是需要钱包方支持coinex chain的功能才行;另外,CoinEx Chain是一条全新的公链,并不是基于以太坊或者其他公链代币。

想了解更多CoinEx Chain的消息,可以登录我们官网 进行查看,或者加入我们的TG社群( )。

CoinEx Chain团队

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