CoinEx Chain Development Roadmap 2020 Officially Announced

Today, the CoinEx Chain development roadmap for 2020 has been officially announced. It shows that the CoinEx Chain team will mainly focus on the Smart Chain development and DEX hard fork upgrades during this year.

According to the roadmap, the team will develop a demo of Smart Chain in February and launch a new version of the block explorer in March with an API interface for the convenience of wallet access.

It is worth mentioning that CoinEx DEX will be undergoing an “Atlantis” hard fork upgrade in March. This upgrade aims to improve the trading experience, and includes:

  1. Modification of the rules for the creation and deletion of trading pairs, and the calculation of commissions for orders;

  2. Adjustments in the rules for the creation of Bancor trading pairs and commission calculation method;

  3. Modification of the rules for the Token parameter to support transfer;

  4. Changes in the Token length and issuance rate;

  5. Charges according to the actual storage duration of an order on the chain;

  6. Changes in order cancellation rules;

  7. A commission ratio for wallet App developers;

  8. To push the amount of rewards received by validators and clients in each block;

  9. The specification for cold and hot wallets to interact through QR codes.

In the second quarter, CoinEx Chain will support cross-chain protocol in April and complete the development of the Smart Chain virtual machine, and plans to support the transfer of tokens between DEX and the Smart Chain in May so that users will be free to trade CET on the two chains. Meanwhile, a new version of the DEX wallet will be launched.

In August, the Testnet of the Smart Chain will be launched. CoinEx DEX will be undergoing a “Jerusalem” hard fork upgrade in September for smart contract token transactions.

In October, the Mainnet of the Smart Chain will be launched online and tested. In December, the Smart Chain virtual machine will support the Cosmos ecosystem, which means that CoinEx Chain’s smart contract can support all public chains developed on the Cosmos protocol.

It is obvious from the roadmap that the highlight of 2020 is the Smart Chain. Creating a Smart Chain that supports smart contract functions will help build a complete CoinEx Chain ecosystem and achieve the goal of programmable currency. The connection between the Smart Chain and the DEX Chain through a cross-chain mechanism guarantees the high processing performance of the DEX chain and can also support complex financial applications, such as Defi.

In 2019, CoinEx Chain took the lead to launch the world’s first DEX public chain based on the Tendermint consensus protocol and Cosmos SDK on November 11. In addition, recently the CoinEx Chain Foundation has officially launched a Support Program to encourage more nodes, institutions and individuals to participate in the construction of CoinEx Chain’s ecosystem and community. For more information, please visit: