CoinEx Chain Community Proposal Voting FAQ

1. Can I vote if I’m not a validator?

A: Yes, but only the validators or users who’ve staked on the CoinEx Chain possess voting power.

2. How to create my DEX wallet?

A: For the procedures to set up your DEX wallet, please visit:

3. How to stake CET?

A: For the procedures to stake CET on CoinEx Chain DEX, please visit:

4. How my voting power is calculated after staking?

A: Your voting power is linked to the amount of CET you’ve staked. For example, User X has 10 million CET, 2 million of which is staked on Node A and 4 million of which is staked on Node B. Then the voting power of User X is 6 million CET.

5. Will voting consume my CET?

A: Voting will not transfer the ownership of your CET the CET you use for voting will only represent your voting rights. However, voting will charge a very small amount of CET for gas fee.

6. Can I vote differently on the proposal where I disagree with the validator I stake on?

A: Yes you can. If you do not use your votes, then the validator you stake on will represent you; if you don’t agree with the validator you stake on, you can vote on your own so your voting power won’t be used by the validator.

7. Can I change my votes if I have a different idea?

A: Yes you can. You only change your votes multiple times within the voting period and the result will be based on your final decision.