Atlantis Hard Fork Upgrade on CoinEx Chain

Dear users,

CoinEx Chain will activate the “Atlantis” upgrade on the CoinEx DEX Mainnet on March 30, 2020! This hard fork upgrade will not generate any new coin, but is designed to improve users’ trading experience. The main optimization functions of the upgrade are as follows:

  1. Change the token length and issuance fees. In order to support a wider range of token applications, the token length has been expanded from 2-8 bits to 2-16 bits, and the issuance fees of different length of tokens has been reduced by a maximum of 90%; it only costs 50 CET to issue tokens with a length greater than 6 bits.

  2. Provide commissions as incentives for wallet App developers. To encourage developers to develop better DEX wallets, users are allowed to set the developer’s address as their commission address. During Market or Bancor transactions, part of the commission will be transferred to the commission address, unlike in those days when all the commission went to the validator.

  3. Remove all restrictions on creation and revocation of general Market and Bancor Contract, include modifying the rules for creating and deleting trading pairs, and calculating commissions for orders. These will provide users with maximum freedom in trading on the Market, support a broader application scenarios, and maximize the automated market making capabilities of the Bancor market.

  4. Orginally, service fee was not refunded when a user deleted a successfully created order from the chain. After this upgrade, it will be charged according to the time that the order is actually stored on the chain.

  5. Enhance Bancor functions. To provide more details on price changes, Bancor price can be displayed in curve patterns, not just straight lines.

  6. The CET deposit address of CoinEx Exchange cannot be set as the withdrawal address for staking incomes. In order to prevent users from mistakenly setting the gateway-type deposit address as the “withdrawal address for staking incomes”, the deposit address will still be able to receive the withdrawn incomes, which needs to be credited by submitting a request.

  7. Push the amount of reward received by the validators and the delegators in each block. It is easier for nodes to query the details of specific returns and also to show voting delegators the expected yields.

  8. Several other improvements to facilitate the wallet and explorer development

Thank you for your support for CoinEx Chain. Let’s stay tuned for the upgrade of Atlantis!

CoinEx Chain Team

March 25, 2020