Announcement on Launching CoinEx Chain Gateway Service Platform

Dear users,

To better facilitate the healthy development of the CoinEx Chain ecosystem and provide users, nodes, and project developers with better and more convenient services, CoinEx Chain has officially launched the CoinEx Chain Gateway service platform.

What is CoinEx Chain Gateway?

CoinEx Chain Gateway is specifically built to enable Tokens on other public chains to circulate and trade on CoinEx Chain.

Users can swap the Tokens on other public Chains to CoinEx Chain Tokens through the CoinEx Chain Gateway, and the Gateway provides the conversion service. Currently, conversion is only available between ERC20 Tokens and CET Tokens.

What is the role of CoinEx Chain Gateway?

  1. It provides you with conversion service between Tokens on other public chains and CET Tokens. Currently, it only supports the conversion between ERC20 Tokens and CoinEx Chain Tokens.

  2. You can swap the ERC20 Token to the CET Token by paying a certain transaction fee, which can be circulated on CoinEx Chain (, thus expanding circulation channels for non-mainstream cryptocurrencies;

  3. You can convert the ERC20 Token through the Gateway into the CET Token; if you’re a CET Token holder, you can also redeem the corresponding ERC20 Token by paying a transaction fee.

You can log in to for experience.

Thank you for your support of CoinEx Chain. We are committed to offering better trading experience, as always!

CoinEx Chain Team

June 4, 2020

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